20 Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches


20 Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches

How do I realize high CPC keywords?

2. realize that Keywords ar Driving the foremost Revenue to Your Competitors

Enter your competitor's web site.

Scroll to “Top Organic Keywords” so click to envision the complete report.

Sort by CPC.

20 Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches
20 Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches

See an entire list of potential keywords that you just will currently use, finding the proper balance between high search volume and high CPC.

What is CPC keywords?

Cost Per Click (CPC): Learn What value Per Click suggests that for PPC. value Per Click (CPC) refers to the particular worth you purchase every click in your pay-per-click (PPC) promoting campaigns. during this lesson you may learn: A a lot of thorough definition of value per click.

Is high CPC sensible or bad?

It may be an easy and simple thanks to confirm whether or not your ad is acting well, and a high CPC (above business average) generally suggests that your that ad desires enhancements. however there is associate degree exception to the current rule. Having a high CPC will really be a decent issue as long as you furthermore mght have a high conversion rate, or CVR

Making cash on-line may be quite arduous, particularly if you're wanting to decriminalise your diary alone via ads.

To be a successful Adsense publisher would like|you would like|you wish} a great deal of traffic however you furthermore mght need that traffic to interact with the ads that ar being displayed on your web site.

Here ar the highest ten highest paid Adsense keywords (by industry/niche):

1. Insurance $59 CPC

2. Gas/Electricity $57 CPC

3. Loans $50 CPC

4. Mortgage $44 CPC

5. Attorney $48 CPC

6. Lawyer $43 CPC

7. Donate $42 CPC

8. Conference Call $42 CPC

9. Degree $40 CPC

10.            Credit $38 CPC

Why do these Adsense keywords pay thus much?

Because the businesses behind the ads have a high client worth and may afford to pay some hundred greenbacks to amass a client. It all boils right down to their business social science.

Extra Keywords Industries/Niches

Here ar different high paying keywords that you just will target in your diary posts


1. Treatment $37 CPC

2. Software $35 CPC

3. Classes $35 CPC

4. Recovery $34 CPC

5. Trading $33 CPC

6. Rehab $33 CPC

7. Hosting $31 CPC

8. Transfer $29 CPC

9. Cord Blood $27 CPC

10.            Claim $25 CPC

Tips for Youtube CPC

In case you were curious a similar steps apply if you're wanting to grow your earnings on Youtube. a similar industries, languages and countries mentioned higher than will act on YT.


To more optimize your Youtube earnings, you must additionally embrace an intensive description of your video that features the high paying keywords you're targeting.




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