How to Add Second Countdown Timer Before a Download file

How to Add Second Countdown Timer Before a Download file

Have a question in your in your mind that Why some websites have a download countdown?

Some say advertising as a reason, but I would say that is an added benefit. This strategy reduces the retrieval of your site. We are well aware that the easiest and best way to reduce the downtime of any website is to improve the quality of the content and try to send more engagement to your website.

Site quality content and additional media such as image, gif file, video, graphics, make a big difference but in other post content related to the soft file product. That means your site traffic is here to retrieve the download file and leave your site.

This way, they lose your content and ads and increase the rate of decline of your site. So, this simple Strategy to reduce site downtime and the opportunity to increase the CTR of your google adsense.

It usually has something in common with digital marketing. A longer visitor is in the area, which makes it easier for you to click on the ad. It is deliberately annoying to exploit 1 in 100 impatient people and click the ads link before downloading the file or playing the ad video. Here are the steps to add a timer to your website post.

Please Watch This Video Complete Guide That is How to Add Second Countdown Timer Before a Download file  


Get Here :


a.      After getting a code of timer, just create a page in blogger

b.      Past code in HTML Editor of a new page

c.       Find “herf Url” top and bottom of the code file and replace with your targeted download file link.

d.      Save and Publish



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