How to Create Automatic Internal Links in Blogger

How to Create Automatic Internal Links in Blogger


If you are a Blogger and want your second post to be the internal link for your post, you will need to follow some steps, after which your second post will be automatically linked to your post.

(Which means you will have 4-5 automatic resting posts in one of your posts, called Automatic Internal Linking.)

Friends, There Are Best And great ways to get enough traffic to your blog. And how can you do this in a simple way?

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Steps to Creating an Internal Automatic Link to Blogger Post: -

1. Friends, you first need to sign in to your Blogger Account.

2. Then you have to click on the Theme in blogger.

3. After that any content you have added to your Blogger, will show you that you have to click on Edit HTML here.

4. After clicking Edit HTML, you should control + F on your keyboard, then you will have a search tab in front of you, </head>

Automatic Internal Links in Blogger


5. And When you search by typing </head> you will need to paste these codes wherever you see text. Codes are provided below  under the CSS Script name

First code 1

CSS Script name 

(Get a free internal CSS Script link)

6. After pasting the CSS script, you will need to repeat Control + F and this time you need to do so.

internal linking Technical MA

<data: post.body />

<data: post.body /> typing search.

7. And When you searchs by typing it <data: post.body /> code, you will see all the code shown in this name, you will enter the last one where this code comes from, you must include the entire HTML Script code below it. You can get  HTML Script below.

internal linking Technical MA

Click here For HTML Script  code 2

HTML script: -

8. If you attach these two script codes, you should create a Save Theme in your Blogger template.


9. After that, as soon as you visit your Blogger website, you will start having an Automatic Internal Linking Post Show in all your posts.

Conclusion: -

Dear Friend, you must paste these two codes in the correct way and in the right place where we told you. And this will automatically help bring Traffic to your Automatic Internal Link website. Friends, one thing to keep in mind is that if you paste these codes into the wrong place in your HTML code, there may be a problem with your website, so where we told you, you are pasting the same code.


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