Python vs PHP: Comparison of Features in 2021

In today’s highly disordered technological world, PHP and Python are the two server-side languages that are very popular and preferable in business. Nevertheless, selecting whether to opt for “PHP vs Python” is a debate that is not easy. Several websites use PHP as their programming language. However, Python is also following an upward trend for the past two years.

If you doubt if Python development is appropriate for your project or whether you should opt for PHP, this is the right place for you to make a choice. Here is the comparison to Python vs PHP that will help you make an evaluation based on a few factors that are as follows:

Python vs PHP: The Basics

PHP is a scripting language that was introduced in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It was commonly used for web development since PHP is a great multi-purpose programming language. Over the years, this language has become a popular technology used in web development. However, its design involved some criticism.

Python is another great multi-purpose and a high-level programming language. It was introduced in 1991 and was developed by Guido van Rossum. But over time, Python has become a popular programming language, which many users in the tech industry adopt. Programers can easily use Python for website development through frameworks such as Flask, Django, and Web2Py.

Moreover, Python is an immensely versatile language. Over the years, developers all over the world have contributed to the Python ecosystem. Therefore by creating several tools and libraries for problem-solving helps in a variety of domains. Apart from being prevalent among system administrators, Python is a language significant in data analysis and data science and because of several libraries built with the language for such usage.

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Python vs PHP: Performance

The performance of the website is a significant factor that assists in determining the performance. For example, a study shows that 53% of mobile users leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Python is a fast and powerful language. It consists of a Just-In-Time compiler that makes it fast in comparison to its competitor. One of the basic advantages of JIT is that once you compile the files, there is no extra need for recompilation.

However, on the other hand, the previous version of PHP, which is PHP 5.x, was a lot slower than Python. But the release of PHP 7.x has brought a lot of good changes. It has made significant improvements in the speed of applications. Using PHP 7, Zend Engine 3.0 was introduced, making PHP 7 two times faster than its previous version.

Therefore when considering performance, PHP is better than Python. The credits go to Zend Engine 3.0 of PHP 7. Nevertheless, it is significant to mention that PHP defeats Python on a marginal difference.

Python vs PHP: Security

A study describes cross-site request forgery, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, etc., as the most critical web application security susceptibilities. The cost and time to repair these susceptibilities increase as the progress goes through the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

When it comes to security features, Python is the most suggested option for businesses. For example, the Django framework is built with security features that help to protect the application from several kinds of security threats.

Furthermore, many government agencies, such as the CIA, rely on Python for their secret hacking tool. Apart from the CIA, many other US organizations are capable enough to store sensitive data and make use of Python as the backend language.

On the other hand, PHP has a terrible history when it comes to the security aspect. Even though most of the security concerns are regarding robust community support, PHP has no comparison in terms of security with Python.

Python vs PHP: Scalability

When products increase, businesses grow and follow an upward trajectory, increasing the user base. In such a case, it becomes a preference for most businesses to have an application that easily adapts to rapid changes in user and market demands. Consequently, it becomes imperative to select an app development technology that helps businesses in the scaling-up procedure.

When considering scalability, the apps built on the Python framework provide great AI and ML competencies, which takes to high scalability and a convenient adaptation to all the developing trends. Moreover, by using the Django framework, you are able to scale up apps on a framework that constitutes a series of decoupled components. Thus, you can unplug and substitute such components according to the changing demands in the business.

The social networking service credits the decision of choosing Python over PHP because of its reputation in simplicity and practicality.


Python is taking over very quickly since it is a versatile, secure, and flexible technology. It is one of the suitable options for data analysis and machine learning. Moreover, it provides businesses with a comprehensive range of opportunities. You can consider Python specifically if you are preparing to apply machine learning codes that require Unicode support. You can use Python if you really want to implement machine learning codes.

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